Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pope Francis says "Not Christian if you buy, manufacture or support guns". Then the Vatican and Pope are not a Christians!

Seems that Pope Francis is getting into the gun banning arena and obviously supports the abolishing of all guns.

The Pope was in Turin Italy for a rally and made guns a topic of it. 

TURIN, Italy (Reuters) - People who manufacture weapons or invest in weapons industries are hypocrites if they call themselves Christian, Pope Francis said on Sunday.
"It makes me think of ... people, managers, businessmen who call themselves Christian and they manufacture weapons. That leads to a bit a distrust, doesn't it?" he said to applause.
He also criticized those who invest in weapons industries, saying "duplicity is the currency of today ... they say one thing and do another."

Since the Pope even implied "investing" in weapons makes you a non-Christian too.... I would then say this.

I will look forward to the Pope now having everyone of his security guards and Police at the Vatican get rid of their guns.  I will look forward to the Vatican not investing anymore money buying guns for their Police and security.

So the Pope has now implied and said that every government in the world is a non-Christian government as they buy guns for their military.

I want to see the Vatican and all world governments get rid of their guns to prove how Christian they are!

So.... before the push comes to take away our guns, due to having them is not "Christian" now, lets see how Christian the Pope is. 

Oh, you wonder what weapons the Pope and the Vatican are protected by?  Here is the information.

 The Gendarmerie is equipped with the Glock 17 semi-automatic pistol in 9 mm Parabellum as the standard issue weapon.They also have more powerful weapons, such as the Beretta M12 and the Heckler & Koch MP5 sub-machine gun, a weapon also used by the Italian police. Against possible riots, they are supplied with batons, pepper sprays and tear gas. For the elite-unit Rapid Intervention Group (GIR), members are equipped with the Carbon 15 carbine and Heckler & Koch FABARM FP6 shotguns.

So, it seems that the Pope may believe that guns are only for the Elite and to protect the Elite and we simple people are non-Christians if we too have guns to protect ourselves....

Interesting that Karl Rove has now come out against guns and has implied the 2nd amendment should be repealed.  

Now maybe there’s some magic law that will keep us from having more of these. I mean basically the only way to guarantee that we will dramatically reduce acts of violence involving guns is to basically remove guns from society, and until somebody gets enough “oomph” to repeal the Second Amendment, that’s not going to happen

All I can say is, the Pope, the government and who ever else can call me all the names they want and they can accuse everyone who has a gun a non-Christian, good citizen, etc......... I will always stand by my Freedoms and Rights.  If those at the top want to keep up the B.S. rhetoric about Guns, lets see them be the first to get rid of their guns.   All of them need to Start walking the talk or otherwise Shut Up! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

U.S. plan to shut down cell phones and internet in energency. Court ruled no disclosure. Flashback: U.S. condemns cell phone and internet shut down in Egypt and Syria

It seems the courts through a Freedom of information act lawsuit is standing by the U.S. government and not allowing the release of the U.S. governments plan to shut down the internet and cell phone service (plan SOP303) in times of emergencies.   In other words if there was civil unrest.

The reason why the lawsuit was filed in the first place was due to when all cell phone service was cut in San Francisco during the BART unrest.

The court is being asked to revisit their ruling.

The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in February sided (PDF) with the government and ruled that the policy did not need to be disclosed under a Freedom of Information Act request from the Electronic Privacy Information Center. The court agreed with the government's citation of a FOIA exemption that precludes disclosure if doing so "could reasonably be expected to endanger the life or physical safety of any individual."
EPIC asked the court to revisit its ruling, arguing that the decision, "if left in place, would create an untethered 'national security' exemption'" in FOIA law. On Friday, the court ordered (PDF) the government to respond—a move that suggests the appellate court might rehear the case.

What is as always the case is the U.S.'s position around the world is "Do as we say not as we do".

Remember the U.S. State Department has always condemned other countries for shutting down the internet and cell phone service during unrest.  They condemned Egypt and Syria in 2011 during their unrest for shutting down services.

The U.S. will not release in what situations they would/will cut off all services.  That is a major problem considering U.S. citizens do not 'trust' their government regarding our civil liberties anymore after decades of our rights being abolished.

Just as the Patriot Act is coming up June 1st for renewal, of which I have no doubt will sail through the Congress and Obama will sign it.  Even if millions called to express their displeasure of the Patriot Act and our Constitutional Rights being shredded due to it, they will ignore the people and do as they are told.

The fact that the U.S. even has a plan shows our civil liberties are not provided no matter what.  It proves the U.S. government will take away our rights in seconds because they can.  They will do the same thing here and it has been said they did it during the Ferguson Missouri unrest using 'Stingray'.  

After watching Last Week with John Oliver's video asking people in Times Square who Edward Snowden is and the answers given, I fully realized U.S. citizens are the ones who just don't give a damn.  The U.S. citizens themselves are the ones to blame for what has happened in this country.  We are the ones who have allowed the government to take away our rights, through many decades of ignoring what D.C. did.  We are the ones who have allowed the government and media to have us live through 'fear' and thus allow our Constitution to be shredded due to following the 'fear' mongering.

The truth is, it is up to all of us to change what is happening.  But we first have to change ourselves.  We have to stop following the carrot put in front of us by the media and government,  leading us to our own demise of freedoms in being told what we are suppose to think.  We need to start thinking for ourselves.  We need to start believing in ourselves and not believe what others tell us to.  We need to stand for freedom which is everyone's natural born right.  We need to do all of this in an attitude of Love for ourselves and our country.

It is time for people to wake up in understanding, fear is not the way to live and direct our lives.  Once we stop allowing the government to control our emotions and thoughts through fear we will then gain control of what is happening.

It really is up to all of us and beginning to fully understand our own power and where we put our energy.

Even though this song was written for Africa 30 years ago.  It applies today to ourselves and our country.  
  "There is a choice we are making we are saving our own lives. It is true we make a brighter day, just you and me"  "Let's start giving"  Lets start giving of ourselves! 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

John Oliver interviews Edward Snowden. U.S. citizens real concerns? They only care if their 'dick' pictures are seen by government.

 June 1st the govt. votes on continuing the Patriot Act. 

It is important for people to stand up for their freedoms. If we don't stand up we lose it all. We can't live in fear as the government wants us to, just so they can spy on every single person and everything we do. Understand this is not about fighting terrorism, this is about knowing everything about every single citizen. 

Every citizen is considered guilty by the government and they spy on every thing we do and spend. John Oliver makes the conversation funny and shows how people are not concerned unless it involves pictures of dicks. Yes... I wrote that correctly. 

Must watch video.

As a side note.  I have not been writing on the blog due to trying and getting my own life straight.  I start college (Diesel technology) and have been in a flux in trying to get what will be my new home fixed and straightened out besides getting it up to Tennessee.  I bought a boat to live on and have had all types of work needed to be done on it.  It has been an ordeal to say the least.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Imagine the Truth about 9/11 being revealed! It is being reported Putin may release the TRUTH with Evidence that the U.S. government did it. It is About Time!

It is one of those things that could shock people to complete numbness and cause chaos.  Our county could be turned totally crazy in protests, but it is all over due as the Truth needs to come out.

If the stories are true, Putin is threatening to release proof that the U.S. government was behind 9/11.

That is no surprise to all of us who have researched it from many years ago.

From building 7 falling in it's own footsteps, Bush saying he saw the first plane, Bush slipping and saying all the bombs going off, Silverstein saying they imploded 'pulled' building 7, the planes that were listed as crashing that day have still been in service, no debris in Pennsylvania,  no plane debris at the Pentagon, the list goes on and on.  Besides of course various amateur video evidence showing bombs exploding.

Every single official in the government during 9/11 benefited tremendously from that horrible day.  Video below explains who was involved and why.  I highly suggest watching it.  Remember how the Patriot Act was already written and was pushed through just days after the attack.  The government was able to become of the Orwellian government of which they desired to control and watch the people in their every move.

Now if people think that President isn't part of hiding the Truth of it, then they have not researched how all of the officials are still benefiting from the Patriot Act and War machine because the "War on Terror" will never end.  It is actually the "War on the U.S. People" that was declared by the government that day in 2001.

I sincerely hope Putin releases the 9/11 proof.  You have to wonder if he got it from Snowden.  If that evidence was part of the information that Snowden got out of the computers and if that information is what really turned Snowden against the U.S. government and what they are and have done?

I personally desire the Truth coming out.  I know it would be very difficult for many people and many would never believe it.  Besides that the news organizations would not touch it as all of them benefited too, as they are part of the military industrial complex.

Look at how Brian Williams was able to lie for years about all types of events and no one said anything.  It was due to a military veteran that the truth of how Brian Williams lies that it has been proven.  All the executives at NBC had to have known he lied and embellished stories all the time, yet they allowed it.  Brian Williams was suppose to be the 'most trusted person in news', yet it has been proven he is nothing but a liar. Hopefully he is the first step in people's realization that the news organizations along with the entire government is nothing but liars.

It is time for Truth!   We need people to Wake Up and start opening their eyes as it is the only way we can change the direction of the country and our Orwellian world.

There are many videos about 9/11 and websites dedicated to the TRUTH of 9/11.  Those websites included Top Military and Government officials (retired), Physicist, Scientist,  Architects and Engineers,  Demolition experts, Pilots and the list goes on.  There are many investigative sites including What Really Happened, which Michael Rivero is one of the first that began calling for the TRUTH of 9/11 after it happened.

I am asking all of those who have still believe the 'official story' to begin taking just a few minutes of your time and look at it more closely, if you are ready to open your eyes to Truth.

A very detailed of "follow the money" research of who was involved. Great Video.  Very Important to watch this to understand the money involved especially for the Bush Family.

Pilots for 9/11 Truth video: Investigates the Radar and Data from the planes

It is time for TRUTH of All.  People have to wake up to how nothing is what they think it is.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Power of our Energy of Intent and Focus with Positive Thinking has been working Miracles in my Life!

I have been so busy since October, from selling my house and having to get rid of everything in it and trying to get my life organized, I have not been able to stop and really write about anything.

The boat I had planned on buying to live on, did not have a good inspection, with that information coming out just days before my closing and selling my house.   I then had to scramble to find a place to live at the beginning of December.  My sister had a house that they had purchased to renovate in a nearby town and let me move into it. I am very thankful for that.

  In mid December I went at my mother's house in Florida (Palm Beach Gardens) for Christmas.   I was suppose to leave right after New Years.  I had not looked for a boat down there until the morning of New Years day.   For some reason I searched for a 58 foot Hatteras on the internet.  One came up near by and I called the broker (Skip Denison of Denison Yachts) about it that morning.  The boat was listed at $99,000. Amazing enough, he called me back on New Years day and said he could meet me at the boat that evening.  The boat was rough as the owner had just left it 2 years previously at the marina, calling Skip 2 days before Christmas, saying he wanted it gone/sold.   Since it had been just sitting there, the outside looks old and there was green mold where water had stood without draining upon the decks.  I told Skip I wanted to make an offer of $40,000 for it.  I would write a check in full.  I meet Skip the next morning at this office, wrote the check and amazing enough the seller/owner (wealthy, out of country owner) accepted it.  It was only after the contract was signed that the seller bothered to tell Skip that the engines were new and they were just put in 3 years previously at a cost of $50,000.  Skip called me and just kept saying "Merry Christmas".  I have no doubt had the owner told Skip about the engines previously, Skip would have put a higher asking price on the boat and would never had allowed the seller to accept a $40,000 offer.  It was because of not knowing if the engines worked along with the other systems that 40,000 seemed reasonable in many ways.

I do want to say, the generator at this moment does not work and it appears the various AC units do not work either.  So there is work that needs to be done, including the bottom paint, hull paint and various other things fixed.   But I got a boat/new home that is worth about $150,000 as it is for $40,000, which is a major and fabulous miracle and gift from the Universe/God.

I just got back from Florida after working to line everything up that needs to be done.

I want to go back to the fact of my house selling and how Gifts and Miracles have been happening one after another due to my intent and energy of my desires.

I had put my energy into my house selling without it having to be on the market and that the people would come to me to buy it.  That happened, just as I saw it happening.  For almost 2 years, I have envisioned that I would get an amazing deal on a boat that would become my home.  That the boat would be in great shape and I would not have to pay a lot of money for it, in fact it would almost be free.   I kept that in my energy and in my mind of visualization.   I believed it and did not deter from that energy and thought.  That has also happened.

I am writing about these personal events and details to show how what we put our energy into, really does create our lives.

 Every day it is up to us in what is created and happens in our lives.  Understanding that is the most important truth we will ever learn.  Through that understanding we first change our own lives and then help others change theirs through the truth.  From there we change the world and everything happening.  We really are the power.

I just listened to this video.  It is excellent and worth the time spent.  The time spent can change the rest of your time here on this Earth plane in understanding the Universal laws.

BTW:  I will be naming my new home: NAMASTE.  The meaning is:

The Divine Light in me sees the Divine Light in You.  Together we are ONE!

Every day is work in progress, but every day my intent is to grow spiritually and understand Universal Truths to change my life in Prosperity, Happiness, Fulfillment, Love, and Intelligence.  Every day I am learning.

We have to change how we have been programmed to not see ourselves as worthy and deserving of the Highest and Best, because we are ALL worthy and Deserving of the Highest and Best.  Understand that the Universe/World is infinite in Prosperity.  Understand that Prosperity and Love is For ALL of Us.  Understand that we need to Forgive ourselves and all others in Love.  Understand to wish the Best for every single other person here on Earth.  Understand that it is correct to have Love, Prosperity and Miracles happen for us all.

I wish for you... Truth, Joy, Prosperity, Love and Miracles in your life.  


Monday, December 29, 2014

Liberty Mastermind Webinar today at 9:30PM with David Morgan

David Morgan of Silver-Investor.com  is doing a webinar today with Liberty Masterminds.

David Morgan is an expert regarding metals and especially Silver.

We all know how silver has been smashed over and over.  David will be discussing how to go forward in the future and what is the real deal with silver.

The webinar starts at 9PM EST and goes until 10:30PM EST.

I hope everyone is having wonderful Holidays.  Once my own life gets settled I will be on the blog more.  It has been crazy months getting rid of everything and getting moved.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook Video - Investigation of Sandy Hook showing How and Why Sandy Hook did not Happen as Portrayed.

This video is a collaboration of 10 of us, who have investigated Sandy Hook.  It is a long video but it goes through the whole Sandy Hook reasons of WHY it could not have happened as it was portrayed.

It reveals all the information in one video and the slips of tongues.

My part in the video is about how the police dash cams did not show one child being evacuated from the school along with the police timed report.

It was all created and played out for Gun Control and Confiscation.

The Truth will Set us all Free!

We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook from Harold Saive on Vimeo.

The link to the site just for the video and where you can watch different segments is at Media Solidarity. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

My Energy, Visualizations Came True! My house Sold and Closed 3 Days Ago. I am FREE!

November was crazy but I got through it and have sold my house.

I had put my energy into Freedom!  I would say "I AM Free" along with many other I AMs.  I focused my energy on what I desired, not what I was worried about.  I trusted in the energy of the Universe/God to bring about what I put my energy, thoughts and words into.

It all came about!

I closed on my house 3 days ago.  I sold my house without it ever being on the market.  I visualized people coming and wanting to buy my house and it happened.

The move itself during November took every bit of energy I had.  It was not a normal move of just packing everything.  I was desiring to get rid of most of everything I owned.  I was releasing my attachment to physical/material items.

I had a 5000 square foot home that had a lot of stuff in it.  Last year I released a lot of the stuff, by giving away truck loads of items.  This year I was releasing all the furniture and other material items.  With the thought of moving onto a motor boat.

I can tell you, I am so thankful for everything and especially thankful for an angel in my life, in the form of my sister.  My sister is the one who was the force of getting things done and keeping me moving during the month.  I had different physical issues that came up and would never have been able to have gotten it done without my sister.   I can not even put into words how much my sister helped me!  I am so Thankful for her!

The boat I planned on buying is not going to happen now as the inspection did not turn out well for it.  I have moved into a house my sister owns that they were renovating on a temporary basis until I can figure out and find a boat that I can afford and want to have as my home.

My exhaustion is coupled with Thankfulness that I AM Free!  I AM debt Free now!  I AM Free of bankers having control of my living space.  I AM free of having to pay government taxes for my living space, thus they too having control over it!  I AM so Thankful for all the blessings in my life and I AM proof our energy and where we put it, controls what happens in our lives.

We are the creators of our lives!  Our life is where we have put our energy!

It is so funny, that it is the most simple, yet the most complex and hardest thing to do in creating our lives.  We are so programmed to focus on the negative and worries of our lives, instead of putting our energy into our desires and wants.

Everything single person deserves Freedom!  Every single person deserves Prosperity!  Every single person deserves Love and Forgiveness!  That Love and Forgiveness starts with Self!

I have my vision boards that I have looked at and keep where I can see them constantly!  They have words and pictures on them.  I encourage everyone who desires positive changes in their lives to put their energy into their desires.  SEE it has it IS and Know it is All will happen, put it as it has already happened.  Don't put it as future happening, as it will always be in the future instead of NOW!

I vibrate Love, Freedom, Truth of Self, Prosperity, Forgiveness and Light to Everyone!  Together through the changing of our energy we will change all that has been and the chains of bondage.  We are FREE!  Together we are who we have been waiting for!

Put your energy into Love, Freedom, Truth, Prosperity and it IS!  I am Proof!

With Love and Thankfulness - Thank you to all who come here!  I desire for Truth to be revealed here and I desire that I make a difference in people's lives in people understanding the Truth of Who we Are!

Through the Truth we will have a rEVOLution!

Here is the latest video from John Garret -

We Are from the Future — Next Stage: Revolution of Love