Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Edward Snowden's Video Christmas Message to the World!

Edward Snowden is a HERO!  People have awoken because of him.  He has done the people of the world a huge favor!

Here is Edward Snowden's Christmas message to everyone!


  1. GOD BLESS SNOWDEN....I hope some can send this kid some money to live one...God knows I would..if I could.
    Merry Christmas to you puppy...truly, thank you.

  2. Nice "work around" with the video, thanks for sharing.

  3. If he were for real, he would be dead, not being given air-time on the state run media. He pushes the official truth about September 11th as well doesn't he? Very similar to that other false prophet Assange. You people need to start searching for your own heroes, not ones the government hands you and who basically follow the party-line.

  4. I totally believe he is for real. The disinfo of trying to make people believe someone who is getting out truth is not for real, is every time a whistlerblower comes out. The establishment has to have people constantly in doubt so there is no cohesive alliance. Snowden is a HERO in my opinion and may there be many more as him come out with Truth!

  5. It is nothing to do with 'disinfo'. If he were for real he would not be allowed state run airtime, not in a million years! He also says nothing of any importance, just shallow, vague, new-age waffle. He is like some spoon-fed student idealist who pisses around the bush. Anyone who pushes the physics defying '9/11' narrative is a total imposter. Where does he talk about 'real' issues like like 911, 7/7, genocide in Israel, elite paedophilia, the bullshit 'war on terror' that has killed millions, the farce called Sandy Hook? We see Greville Janner was arrested over Christmas, not a sniff of it in the so-called 'alternative media'. You can tell more about these swines by what they don't mention, than what they do.

  6. it's not just the 'he would be dead, not on state media' thing, though that tells the story also.

    here's the things very few seem to mention about the snowden leaks:

    - less than 1%/2% (depending on whose figures you believe) of the documents have been published
    - only mainstream publications are publishing the documents, which they 'vet' first
    - part of the vetting process, at least for the new york times and other american papers, involves clearing the publication with the white house and allowing the whitehouse to redact the document before publication.
    - there have been no documents released concerning paypal - a huge and obvious target - and the founder of ebay (which owns paypal) is putting up $250M for glenn greenwald's new news venture.

    as anonymous above points out, snowden fails the 9/11 litmus test, just like assange (another extortion artist) before him. he's no doubt receiving benefits, be they monetary or sexual, for his 'heroism.'

    anyone that's hailed as a hero on the msm is suspect. if the parties involved want a shred of credibility, they should dump all of the documents, unredacted, now.