Friday, December 27, 2013

Full Sandy Hook Police File to be released today 12/27/13 at 3PM. Thousands of Pages, many redacted - State Police Press Release.

The complete police report on Sandy Hook will be released today 12/27/13 at 3PM.  But don't expect a lot of information.  As they have redacted a lot of it according to the law.  Remember that the state had passed a law where they don't release information when children are murdered in detail.   
It will be interesting what they do have in the report.  It will be thousands of pages long. 
The comments on the article are mind boggling.  Everyone is clueless about the truth.  All who commented believe the government's story.

From article:
NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — The planned release Friday of thousands of pages of police documents from the investigation into last year's school massacre in Newtown could shed additional light on the world of the 20-year-old gunman.
State police said their report totaling several thousand pages would be released at 3 p.m. The report "has been redacted according to law," and includes text, photos and 911 calls received by state police, they said Thursday.

What is interesting is a panel says the Newtown report falls short in information.  Seems there is actually very little information about Adam Lanza.

Here is the Connecticut State Police site and their press release:

The link in the above state police release is not working as of yet, but here it is.
 full report:


  1. Raising Adam Lanza: Devoted mother was his first victim, excerpt for the article:
    But he also had serious difficulties. An image has emerged in the media of a scared child, hugging the wall and clinging to his briefcase in the din of the hallways between class bells.

    But it went beyond that. A change in routine or unwanted excitement, such as his friends suddenly queuing up for a game of capture the flag, could lead to what Novia described as a complete shutdown.

    “Adam had episodes, it was the best way I can describe them to you, where he would completely withdraw. Again, he would go backwards ... he would pull back within himself entirely. And getting him to come back out of that required my attention.”

    Brian: A change in routine or unwanted excitement could lead to a complete shutdown of Adam Lanza, but we are supposed to believe he broke into the school, calmly changed magazines numerous times and went about methodically killing people, I don’t believe it.

    Adam Lanza had Aspegser’s Syndrome, they’re clumsy and fidgety not cool, calm and collective and able to perform such a mass murder, with screaming children as what happened at Sandy Hook.

    Due to the characteristics of Asperger Syndrome such as being unable to cope with new situations or unexpected events makes it logical that feelings of panic appear. Individuals with Asperger will experiencemore stress in their lives. The unpredictable way other people behave, break rules or express their emotions makes those with Asperger feel unsafe. The typical mannerisms individuals with Asperger have such as flapping their hands, head swiveling, rocking their bodies, their preference to routines and rituals or their repetitive behaviors are all different ways to cope with anxious feelings. It helps those with Asperger to feel in control of the situation.
    The typical repetitive behavior is to prevent feelings of uneasiness which occur when something new or unexpected happens. The need for routines, sameness and rules can also be related to avoiding feelings of anxiety. This repetitive behavior gives them a way to express their feelings of stress or anxiety.

  2. Nice 'copy and pase' post! How can anyone beLIEve what sherrie herself have already explain about lame ass media. All this person is telling us is all coming from the MSM. A Mossad agent for sure

  3. So where is the video of The Lanzoid entering the school?